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kingB love the blues. kingB love the way the blues makes you feel.

We have been sharing our blues for over ten years throughout our Oxfordshire homelands and beyond. We want to play at your club, pub, party or festival. Our repertoire features blues classics and original songs. Powerful vocals and soloing from guitars, harmonica and sometimes saxophone ensure every performance is unique. In kingB we do our own thing but it's always just for you. Come on down, sing, dance, have a good time.

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KingB at Church Hanbrewery

Church Hanbrewery, Unit F2, New Yatt Business Centre, Witney, OX29 6TJ

How we love playing at breweries! We had a great party last year at Christian and Luciana's place, and we're back for more. The event begins at 4.30 as a brewery open day, and we'll be on around 8pm (tbc), hopefully with others playing beforehand. Join us and sample the latest from our innovative local brewers! Free entry.

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  • Pier

    Pier Hanborough

    Excellent gig on the 21st!! re-living it now via the videos. Hope to catch up with all of you at your next gig.

    Excellent gig on the 21st!! re-living it now via the videos. Hope to catch up with all of you at your next gig.

kingB news

Photo thanks ...  

... for our new header pictures to Jean Glendinning (Riverside 2014) and Stu Allsopp (Woodstock 2013). Don't they just hit you with the feel of live music?

Riverside - wow!! 

We've been lucky enough to take the stage a few times at Charlbury Riverside Festival over the years, but we all agreed this was definitely the best yet! Well done, Andy and all the crew - you are awesome!


Thank you to the Seven Stars at Marsh Baldon for your excellent beer festival at the end of June: fine beers, great weather and The Shakedown Prophets to gig with in your splendid garden. We reckon you should do it again!

'You can't beat English Blues' 

'You can't beat English Blues - when I came back from Vietnam I went to the first Isle of Wight festival' - thank you to the guy from the States who said that after our White Hart gig! If you're reading this, maybe you'd like to join the mailing list (below)? Thanks for coming along - and dancing - anyway! A fine venue and a great evening.

Thanks for the party ... 

Thanks to all those who came over to the New Inn on Saturday - didn't we have a ball! And special thanks to Simon Fenn, who joined us on drums for the first time, and to Pete Crowther who brought his big smile and his amazing guitar licks. We shall be back there in November.

Met Office update 

We're pleased to announce that, despite the New Inn's wintry-looking Facebook picture (right), the Met Office is forecasting no snow for Saturday's gig. You can just expect the usual rain outside, but inside the pub it will be hot hot hot!

Beer festival time! 

Good news - we've just been asked to play at a beer festival. Can't beat 'em. Hoping to confirm details shortly!

Happy 2014 from all the band 

We're kicking off the year in style at the iconic Jericho Tavern, and setting up new gigs as we speak - so watch this space as the year unfolds. We have new photos for you, from October's Jive+ Ball: a feast of glitz, glamour and sexy dance-floor moves, as you can see here. And we're pleased to report that a LOT of people got our CD Down at the Blues Café in their Christmas stocking ...

Now for Modern Jive! 

Wow, Woodstock Live did it again - a big crowd, a great night! Next up is something different again: we're the live band for our friends at Jive+ on 26 October. What's that? Well, it's Modern Jive! The dance style originated in France and came over to the UK in the 1980s, really gaining momentum in the 1990s. They say 'Modern Jive is the easiest partner dance to learn and most people can pick up a few moves even after their first evening.  It has elements of Rock'n'Roll  and Salsa, but is easier than either.' Are you up for trying it out with us?

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