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kingB love the blues. kingB love the way the blues makes you feel.

We have been sharing our blues for over ten years throughout our Oxfordshire homelands and beyond. We want to play at your club, pub, party or festival. Our repertoire features blues classics and original songs. Powerful vocals and soloing from guitars and harmonica ensure every performance is unique. In kingB we do our own thing but it's always just for you. Come on down, sing, dance, have a good time.

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kingB news

Back and firing on all cylinders ...  

Gutted as we were to miss the Charlbury Beer Festival, we're back at the same venue on Friday for another great community and beer-based event - the Charlbury Oktoberfest! Looking forward to it all ... 

Aaaaargh ... COVID again! 

So sorry - we've had to pull out of performing at the Charlbury Beer Festival this Saturday because COVID has struck. Hopefully next year - fourth time lucky?!


We are so very excited to be back at the Charlbury Beer Festival ... how we have missed it in the last two years! The band is busy polishing up its best numbers for a great day out on 25 June. Hope we'll see you there!

Thank you Charlbury! 

Thank you to Charlbury and especially to the Cricket Club for hosting us last night. A great evening, not what you'd call warm for August, but it was dry and sunny and the crowd was really welcoming. We loved it!

Really back? Fingers crossed! 

It has been soooooooooo long! Cancellation after postponement after cancellation - it has all been so disappointing. But now, hopefully, we're back in action with two gigs, one of them outdoors, and we can finally get back into playing some real blues for real people! Do please come and say hello and give us a big smile. 

Music is back! 

It has been a horrendous year for live music and musicians, but things may be about to restart at last. We've got two fantastic events in the calendar, and we're just hoping government guidelines will allow them both to proceed as planned. We'd love you to be there with us!

Back in the woodshed 

For a few months the band has been all over the place - travelling that is - and doing some interesting projects, but now we're back working hard on new numbers for the summer season. And the season is shaping up nicely, with some great festival gigs and parties, plus a couple of appearances at our favourite, the White Hart of Wytham. All details coming soon!

New video 

We've a hot new video of Claire strutting her stuff with the band in funky mode, from our January visit to Tap Social. Ian Siegal's 'Hard Pressed'. Definitely the good sort of winter blues!

Summer’s gone but kingB is back ... 

We’ve had a bit of radio silence over the summer, with members of the band busy travelling and even getting married! But we’re back with a couple of great gigs, showcasing very different parts of Oxford’s lovely music scene. From the spectacular riverside location of the Cherwell Boathouse, famous for its restaurant and punt station, to the industrial cool and creative social space of Tap Social, we think we’ve got a good mix for you. We hope we’ll see you soon. 

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