A kingB plea: we need more video! Let us know if you've got something good from a recent gig.

We finally got back to Tap Social brewery's Tap Room in January 2019. Here's one number from a cracking good evening - Hard Pressed by Ian Siegal:

Now, it won't go directly on this web page, but here's a link to a nice little snatch of Feels Like Rain, the John Hiatt song, from our first gig at Tap Social brewery, March 2018:


Back in 2004 kingB opened the very first Cornbury Music Festival. So when the final Cornbury took place in July 2017, who better to close the Riverside Stage? Here's a brief clip from our encore, I'm Tore Down, by Sonny Thompson.

... and here's more from our Cornbury show, followed by a quieter, trio number at a lazy Sunday gig in Oxford: